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사무라이 참프루(Samurai Champloo) ★★★★

Hip-hop + samurai action.
Is this mis-matched? Here comes the ‘Samurai Champloo’
2 wandering warriors show stylish sword action but it seems like the hip-hop battle on shining stage.
I didn’t know who made this brilliant anime until I try to find/buy OST.
After a few clicks about ‘Samurai Champloo’, I thought I should have appreciated of this anime much earlier.
Director : Shinichiro Watanabe (if you remember the ‘cowboy bebop’, yeah, that’s him)
more links :
– Samurai Champloo – Volume 1 in
“Samurai Champloo” is perhaps one of the best shows in the anime genre that I’ve ever seen. and this is a must-see for all animation fans.
Official site URL :
The official website is great also!
gaudy colors, well-set interactivity, appropriate music and click effect, above all things easy UI.

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